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  • Mary Brown is funny, gorgeous, and bonkers. She’s also about 50lbs overweight. When she realises that she can’t cross her legs and has trouble bending over to tie her shoelaces without wheezing like an elderly chain-smoker,

  • A chance meeting with an old school friend sends Mary Brown off on three fabulous adventures. First, it’s to a safari in South Africa. She arrives dressed like Meryl Streep in Out of Africa and ends the trip up stuck in a tree wearing nothing

  • SIX STRANGERS RECEIVE INVITATIONS TO A FUNERAL They are told that the deceased – a man called Reginald Charters – invited them on his deathbed. But who on earth is Reginald Charters? And why was he so desperate to have these six people at his

  • Hooray, Christmas is here! It’s Mary Brown’s favourite time of year, and she embraces it with the sort of thrill and excitement normally reserved for toddlers seeing jelly tots. Our funny, gorgeous, and bonkers heroine finds herself

  • Mary Brown is back to her mad and crazy best as she heads to Portugal for a weight loss camp and discovers it’s nothing like she expected. “I thought it would be Slimming World in the sunshine, but this is bloody torture,” she says, after

  • Two gorgeous, life-changing books in one! Read the best weight loss tips ever, then enjoy the very funny story of Mary Brown and her mum as they head off on a weight loss camp with a difference…   WEIGHT LOSS TIPS “Full of very

  • THIS IS THE FIRST THREE ADORABLE FAT GIRL HOLIDAY BOOKS IN ONE BIG, GLORIOUS FUNNY PACKAGE!! The books star Mary Brown our lovely, gorgeous and bonkers heroine and feature her on three holidays. On…SAFARI: Mary Brown is off on safari with an old

  • You join us at an exciting time…our gorgeous, generously proportioned heroine is about to be reunited with Ted – her lovely, kind, thoughtful, wonderful ex-boyfriend. She is still madly in love with him, but how does he feel about

  • Mary Brown is in lockdown. She’s worn nothing but pyjamas for weeks, and is living on a diet of cake and wine. She’s rarely up before midday and spends her time watching every box set that she can get her hands on. Then: she has an idea… instead

  • out in June 2021 Mary Brown wants an adventure. She is bored at work, and she’s got some money in the bank, so she quits her job and heads off to ‘find herself’. Following the classic story of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

  • ‘It’s always a time for celebration when a new novel from Bernice Bloom arrives. This one is wonderful.’ Mary Brown is getting married. She’s overjoyed and under-prepared, but that won’t stop her from heading off for a hen

  • Mary Brown’s relationship with Ted is over, and she wants to find a boyfriend. But where’s she going to meet someone new? She doesn’t want to hang around pubs all evening (actually that bit’s not true), and she

  • Meet Tracie Martin – Luton Town’s longest serving Wag. There’s nothing she doesn’t like about her life. From the acrylic nails and Louboutin shoes to the terrifying amounts of fake tan. Tracie loves it. Being a Wag is all she

  • Tracie Martin is back! But this time everyone’s favourite Wag is in LA, City of Angels and home to Victoria Beckham. While husband Dean swaps life on the subs bench for coaching the LA City Raiders, and daughter Paskia-Rose is busy settling into

  • Designer bag? Check Gravity defying heels? Check Footballer husband? Check The England squad are off to the World Cup, and Tracie‘s husband Dean has a place on the coaching team. It means that our lovable Wag will be there too. At the World Cup!

  • Mary Brown is determined to make Christmas a wonderful occasion, so she installs a Christmas Post Box of Wishes and Dreams in the gardening and DIY store where she works, and decides to make customers’ wishes come true… but it

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