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RELEASED ON 1st August 2023

Mary Brown heads to the beautiful island of St Lucia on the holiday of a lifetime. She’s planning to relax and take things easy. But on the second evening, while walking on the beach, she finds a purse buried in the sand. Inside it is a folded map, a key, and an invitation to a party on a boat the next evening. There’s also an identity card for someone called Cara Jeffries.
There’s no phone number in the wallet, so Mary heads to the party on the boat the next night to hand the purse back to its owner. But when she asks whether Cara is there, there is a stunned silence. Everyone on the boat stops and looks.
Mary is told that Cara disappeared months ago in mysterious circumstances.
No one knows what happened to her.
Now the police are keen to find out:

– How does Mary have Cara’s purse?
– How can the purse contain an invitation to a boat party that was only organised a week ago when the woman disappeared months ago?
– Is Cara Jeffries alive?

Mary Brown decides to find out…

The novel features waterfalls, volcanic mud baths, the very real struggle to keep a large body inside a small bikini, rain forests, Pilates in the sand, endless sugar-coated beaches and peaceful azure waters. And Mary Brown – in the middle of it all – wallowing in the beauty and majesty of the island while trying to find the missing Cara Jeffries as three angry men watch her closely, waiting to pounce…



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