Thank you so much for visiting my website. My name is Bernice Bloom and I write the ‘Adorable Fat Girl’ books about gorgeous, voluptuous and very funny Mary Brown. Join her on her series of crazy adventures that take her from safari in South Africa with handsome, gun-toting rangers to a trek through Sicily with a 90-year-old war hero and a flamboyant Spanish dancer. Laugh with her, cry with her and fall in love with her.

The books have sold tens of thousands of copies and are more popular than ever because Mary is JUST LIKE US; she experiences all the same weight problems, clothes buying issues and frustrations with her waistline.

The books are available in ebook or paperback, just click onto the book you like, and go through to Amazon to purchase. Alternatively, see the audiobooks section if you’d rather be read to!

Lots of people ask me about the order in which the books are published…if you want to read them in chronological order, these is how they line up (click on each one to read more):

Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl

Adventures of an Adorable Fat Girl

Crazy Life of an Adorable Fat Girl

These first three are also available together in one package called: First Three Books

Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl at Christmas

Adorable Fat Girl shares her weight loss tips

Adorable Fat Girl on safari

Cruise with an Adorable Fat Girl

Adorable Fat Girl takes up yoga

The three holidays books in one

Adorable Fat Girl and the Mysterious Invitation

Adorable Fat Girl goes to Weight loss camp

The first two weight loss books

Adorable Fat Girl goes Online Dating

Official Handbook for Adorable Fat Girls


Also see Bernice Bloom writing as Rosie Taylor-Kennedy – gorgeous romance novels about the Lopez sisters, set in Cove Bay, Carolina.


Or fancy a bit of crazy humour? Meet Tracie Martin, the ultimate Wag. Three very funny books set in the world of footballer’s wives and girlfriends:

Wag’s Diary

Wags in LA

Wags at the World Cup


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Lots of love,
Bernie XX

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