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If you fancy introducing a little romance into your life, try my new series of romance novels. I write romantic fiction under the name: ROSIE TAYLOR-KENNEDY and the books are about the Lopez Sisters: four very different women who live with their parents in Cove Bay, North Carolina, and are all looking for love. Each novel features a different sister and the dramas they encounter in their small community. The sister all live together in Sunshine Cottage, their beautiful house on the beach in Cove Bay.




The second book in the Cove Bay series, out December 2018

Book two in the Cove Bay series focuses on Isabella, the chattiest, most friendly and personable of the sisters. Isabella is very confident socially and has lots of friends. Her job in the local hairdressing salon in Cedar Point means she knows EVERYONE’S business and everything about everyone else’s love-life. But what about her own? She’s fed-up of playing match-maker for her sisters; she wants to meet someone to love for herself. But the man who Isabella has her heart set on, has his heart set on another woman, and that other woman is having an affair with one of Isabella’s best friends. It’s complicated. Very complicated. But will true love win in the end?



The first book in the Cove Bay series is out now. Click here for more info. It is about Lisa Lopez, the most sensitive and kind of the sisters. When Lisa discovers her fiancé has been cheating on her, her world is turned upside down. With her life in chaos, Lisa flees Cove Bay for New York to live with her friend Charlie for a couple of months to recover.

When she returns to her beautiful hometown, things have changed: a new baseball team has set up, and the handsome coach is paying her lots of attention. But when her rich, sophisticated, ex-fiancé hears she’s back, he reappears on the scene and declares he’s always loved her and wants her back.

What will Lisa do? Will she be able to reject the advances of Peter – the man she once loved and planned to spend the rest of her life with? Can Matt, the football coach with the warm heart, convince her that he’s the one for her? And what about the secret that Matt is carrying around?

Set in beautiful Cove Bay in springtime, this story about a gorgeous, innocent woman who is struggling her way through heartbreak to love again. It will delight and warm your heart.

This is the first in the Cove Bay series about a family of four sisters – all different, but with one thing in common – like all of us – they are looking for true love and real happiness.

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