Don’t Mention The Hen Weekend

‘It’s always a time for celebration when a new novel from Bernice Bloom arrives. This one is wonderful.’
Mary Brown is getting married. She’s overjoyed and under-prepared, but that won’t stop her from heading off for a hen weekend with five of her best friends.
They head to Crete to enjoy the sunshine, friendship, wine, and parties. What could possibly go wrong?
A lot, it would seem…
Their Sound of Music theme doesn’t go down well with the locals, and soon the laughter turns to tears when police cars arrive and accuse them of a host of misdemeanours.
Mary is terrified. It’s just two days before she marries the man of her dreams.
Will she and her bridesmaids escape jail and get home in time for the wedding?
And will they be able to keep their hen weekend antics a secret?
With a tricky best man who is watching their every move and a jealous sunbather who didn’t like their flirty behaviour, the hens have the odds stacked against them.

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