A friend in need, Mary Brown

Charlie has met a man and fallen madly in love. Mike is everything she’s ever wanted: kind, charming and attentive. He’s also a world-class jeweller and very rich. But Mary Brown’s not convinced at all. She instantly distrusts the flash jeweller with the fancy shoes and is convinced he’s going to hurt her friend. So when Charlie finds a box of letters and photographs hidden in the wardrobe, buried under Mike’s clothes, Mary is convinced that it points to just one thing…Mike is two-timing Charlie. But is he? Or is there a simple explanation.
And how are they going to find out? By going on an extraordinary road trip, of course. A trip which will shock them, surprise them and lead to them taking a 350 mile round trip to cover their tracks.

At the end of it, will they find out that Mike is exactly who he says he is or is Charlie about to live through every woman’s worst nightmare?

“Another stunner from Bernice Bloom. I am obsessed with these books.”

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