Mary Brown in lockdown

A wonderful romantic comedy about love, longing, and the madness of lockdown!

As the book opens, Mary Brown is desperate to win back Ted, the love of her life. She becomes convinced that the way to do it is by putting herself through a six-week transformation plan in time for her friend’s 30th birthday party that Ted is coming to. But, like most things in Mary Brown’s life, things don’t go exactly according to plan.
Featuring a drunk winter Olympics, an amorous fitness instructor, a crazy psychic, spying, dieting, exercising and a trip to the hospital with a Polish man called Lech.
Still…at least she’ll see Ted at the party.
Then lockdown hits, the party is postponed, and Mary Brown is stuck at home for weeks, wearing nothing but pyjamas. She’s rarely up before midday and spends her time watching every box set that she can get her hands on. She and Juan take to eating cake to get themselves through the weeks.
Then: she has an idea… instead of just eating the cake, why doesn’t she judge it?
She should organise a World Cup of Cakes. With Juan, her trusty sidekick, she sets up the competition with meticulous detail, and the whole thing goes viral. She ends up on breakfast television judging the final, and it’s a triumph. The trouble is, she has undone much of the good work of her six-week transformation. Now lockdown comes to an end, and a new date looms for the party when she will see Ted. Will she win back his affection? Or has Ted moved on and met someone else?
Featuring river boats, a wild psychic, sequined leotards, lots of gossip, fun, silliness and a huge, glorious love story.

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