Dog Days


A FROM the Amazon top-selling comedy writer, a tale of love, devotion, and poo bags…
“A mini-book that will melt your heart…”

‘Hey, Mary – it will be great,’ they all told me. ‘Get a puppy, and you’ll have a loyal companion who will love you as no one has ever loved you before.’

Three weeks later and the furniture is chewed to pieces, half my shoes and socks are missing, the house training is not going well at all, and when I took him to a restaurant, he started humping the waiter’s leg. I had to pull him off as he clung on with his claws, still humping the air as I pulled him off.
My puppy has worked out how to climb out of his car seat, and he barks like mad if he sees anyone in a hat.
It’s like a madhouse here. No one tells you about this stuff.
What they also don’t tell you is that when you have a puppy, a whole new community opens up to you. And not all the people in that community are friendly…
They also don’t tell you that if your puppy goes missing, it will be the WORST THING EVER.
You’ll feel like your heart is breaking as you think about those gorgeous, chocolate-brown eyes that melt your heart, and you won’t be able to stop thinking about the way he does a little skip when he’s running through the park and the way he lies on his back when he wants tickles.
And you’ll realise you will do anything, ANYTHING to get him back.

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