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Online dating

Mary Brown’s relationship with Ted is over, and she wants to find a boyfriend.

But where’s she going to meet someone new?

She doesn’t want to hang around pubs all evening (actually that bit’s not true), and she doesn’t want to have to get out of her pyjamas unless really necessary (that bit’s true).
There’s only one thing for it – she will launch herself majestically onto the dating scene.

Aided and abetted by her friends, including Juan Pedro – the flamboyant Spaniard who she met when he was a dancer in sparkly trousers performing on the cruise ship when Mary was on holiday – and best friend Charlie, Mary heads out on NINE DATES IN NINE DAYS.

She meets an interesting collection of men, including those she nicknames: Usain Bolt, Harry the Hoarder, and Dead Wife Darren.

Then just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, Juan organises a huge, entirely inadvisable party at the end.

It’s internet dating like you’ve never known it before…


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