It’s Christmas Again – Bernice Bloom

It’s Christmas Again

Mary Brown is determined to make Christmas a wonderful occasion, so she installs a Christmas Post Box of Wishes and Dreams in the gardening and DIY store where she works, and decides to make customers’ wishes come true… but it doesn’t go perfectly.
For a start, a good proportion of the notes she receives make suggestions that are positively vulgar. And physically impossible.
But she grants the wishes that she can…fixing up a date, delivering twigs and dealing with remote control mayhem.
Along the way Mary finds herself defending the elephant in the manger, reunited with the Beckhams as she heads over to decorate their house for their daughter’s Christmas party, and off to Lapland for a Christmas trip she’ll never forget.
To top it all off there’s a life-changing Christmas present from the man she loves…

‘It’s perfect Christmas comedy…Dawn French meets Bridget Jones. Wonderful.’

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