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Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl – Romance Books Combined

A romantic comedy double book sensation from the award-winning, best-selling, Adorable Fat Girl series starring the plump and gorgeous Mary Brown.

“The books are funny, lively and utterly charming. I love them.”

In this book there are two stories – Six Week Transformation and The Reunion, both of them telling the story of the love affair between Mary and Ted.

The Six Week Transformation: In the first book in the romance series, Mary becomes convinced that the way to win back Ted is by putting herself through a six week transformation plan in time for her friend’s 30th birthday party that Ted is coming to. But, like most things in Mary Brown’s life, things don’t go exactly according to plan. Featuring drunk winter Olympics, an amorous fitness instructor, a crazy psychic, spying, dieting, exercising and a trip to hospital with a Polish man called Lech.

The Reunion: Our gorgeous, generously proportioned heroine is about to be reunited with Ted – her lovely, kind, thoughtful, wonderful ex-boyfriend. She is still madly in love with him, but how does he feel about her? Will love blossom once more? Or has Ted moved on and met someone else? Featuring river boats, a wild psychic, sequined leotards, lots of gossip, fun, silliness and a huge, glorious love story…but is the love story about Ted & Mary or someone else entirely?

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