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Adorable Fat Girl Non-Fiction Books


Mary Brown is the star of the Adorable fat Girl series. She’s funny, gorgeous and bonkers and when the series starts, she’s seriously overweight. She heads for Fat Club and slowly starts to lose weight. The novels tell the tales of the fun she has and the people she meets as she battles the pounds, but as well as having a crazy amount of fun, she also loses weight…a massive 40lbs!! How did she do it? Here in this mini book – for the first time – she describes the rules that helped her. Also included are the stories of readers who have written in to share their weight loss stories. This is a kind approach to weight loss. It’s about learning to love yourself as you shift the pounds. It worked for Mary Brown and everyone at Fat Club (even Ted who can’t go a day without a bag of chips and thinks a pint isn’t a pint without a bag of pork scratchings). I hope it works for you, and I hope you enjoy it.


BOOK TWO in the “very, very funny series” (thank you Glamour magazine!) about Mary Brown – a woman who is funny, gorgeous and bonkers. She’s also about six stone overweight and can’t get into any of the dresses in Zara (she tries and fails. It’s messy!). Still, what does she care? She’s got a lovely new boyfriend whose thighs are bigger than her’s (yes!!!) and all is looking well…except when she accidentally gets herself into several thousand pounds worth of trouble at the silent auction, has to eat her lunch under the table in the pub because Ted’s workmates have spotted them, and suffers the indignity of having a young man’s testicles dangled into her face on a party boat to Amsterdam. Oh, and then there are all the issues with the hash-cakes and the sex museum. Besides all those things – everything’s fine… just fine!

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