Adorable Fat Girl and the six-week transformation – Bernice Bloom

Adorable Fat Girl and the six-week transformation

Can Mary Brown lose weight, smarten up and look fabulous enough to win back the love of her life?
And can she do it in just six weeks?

In this romantic comedy from the award-winning, best-selling, Adorable Fat Girl series, our luscious heroine goes all out to try and win back the affections of Ted, her lovely ex-boyfriend. She becomes convinced that the way to do it is by putting herself through a six week transformation plan in time for her friend’s 30th birthday party that Ted is coming to.

But, like most things in Mary Brown’s life, things don’t go exactly according to plan.

Featuring drunk winter Olympics, an amorous fitness instructor, a crazy psychic, spying, dieting, exercising and a trip to hospital with a Polish man called Lech.

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